About our food…

We love food!  Especially food made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.  And this year, in addition to our traditional fare, we’ve been exploring a new line of plant-based menu items with an eye toward reducing our intake of meat-based proteins.  Our Power Bowl selections blend warm, short grain wild rice, legumes, fresh vegetables and olive-oil based dressings.  We think you’ll love them!

Our baked goods focus on wholesome, simple ingredients such as organic flours, organic raw cane sugar, butter, Kefir, cream, and fruit.  We never use hydrogenated oils, or corn syrup.

This year, Baked & Battered has begun the process of eliminating single-use plastics in favour of more environmentally friendly packaging options.  We encourage our customers to bring along their own reusable take out containers and travel mugs.  We’d be happy to serve you in them – and even happier knowing we’re helping to reduce landfill waste!



Our customers have asked us to create gluten-conscious treats that everyone can enjoy.  So we’ve worked hard to develop some beautiful and delicious items without the use of wheat as an ingredient.  While we do this  to accommodate those with sensitivities, it’s important to know that all of our baking and cooking occurs in a kitchen where wheat is used in our other traditional recipes.  While we do our level best to keep ingredients separate, cross-contamination is bound to occur.  If you suffer from a serious gluten-related sensitivity such as Celiac Disease, or are someone who, say, can’t share a toaster with someone who eats wheat bread, then you may want to steer clear!  Be sure to ask our staff what’s available.