Dessert Bars

Dessert Bars

Our versions of familiar, and not-so-familiar dessert bars – many of which are gluten-conscious versions of old favourites!



Whisky Walnut Brownies – Imagine:  the intense flavour of dark Lindt chocolate enhanced with espresso and just a touch of whisky.  Gorgeous!

Vanilla Rum Date Squares – You guessed it, it’s the vanilla rum that makes this bar sing!  And pineapple stewed dates really heighten this bar’s flavour.  This isn’t your average date square.



Lemoncello Bar – A touch of Lemoncello works magic in Baked & Battered’s version of this popular bar.

The ‘Docksider’ – a decadent cheesecake bar showcasing our homemade condensed milk, cream cheese, and a generous smattering of Skor bits.


*Hello Dolly! (pictured) – A graham and oat crust smothered with Lindt chocolate chunks, almonds and Skor bits – gooey goodness…

*Breakfast Bar – Sunbutter, honey, oats and a whole whack of seeds make this a tasty high-energy treat for those looking for a bit of wholesome decadence.


              *A note of caution:  while these two bars are not made with wheat products, we can not guarantee that the oats we use in these two bars were not processed in a facility which also processed wheat, thus, we are careful not to call these bars “gluten free…”